Let’s Do it Now: Why Grenada, Why Now

At a time when healthy travel equates to happy travel, Grenada and its sister islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique shine with an abundance of outdoor activities, nourishing farm-to-table dining, boutique hotels and individualized experiences, as well as a commitment to safety that has held the island’s COVID-19 rates to levels far lower than neighboring islands and in most travelers’ home countries.

Located in the southern Caribbean, Grenada is blessed to be located outside the hurricane belt with warm weather year-round. Served by multiple airlines from a variety of destinations in the U.S., UK and Canada, including gateways in New York, Miami, Charlotte, London and Toronto, Grenada offers a wide range of modern accommodations to visitors while maintaining a strong grip on its distinctive local culture.

As Grenada is not a mass tourism destination, this destination is ideal for clients looking for an authentic Caribbean experience. Clients will feel more like they’re immersing themselves in the island’s culture rather than finding an artificial environment created “for the tourists.” Grenada is a boutique destination that appeals to the discerning customer who appreciates bespoke experiences.

That doesn’t mean clients will have to rough it: Grenada is home to some of the top spa hotels and all-inclusive hotel brands in the world, after all. But happily absent is the rampant overdevelopment found on other islands closer to the beaten path of Caribbean tourism—there’s not a single high-rise hotel on the island—with most Grenada resorts located on a handful of the country’s beaches, and much of the three-island nation remaining in its natural state.

It adds up to a special island destination where unforgettable experiences include splashing under pristine waterfalls, diving to the world’s first underwater sculpture park, sampling locally distilled rum and nibbling chocolate derived directly from the bean at aromatic cocoa plantations—all in an uncrowded and unhurried atmosphere infused with the warm and friendly spirit of the Grenadian people.

If you have active clients who want to travel to a safe Caribbean destination, love great food and authentic culture, Grenada should be at the top of your list of recommendations. The Grenada Travel Expert Program will show you what makes the Spice Island different from other Caribbean islands, highlighting the destination’s must-see attractions and activities, and delving into the history and culture that will help you sell Grenada to even your most travel savvy clients.