Paradise Found

Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique are fringed by more than 45 beautiful beaches, including white-sand shorelines on the Caribbean coast and black volcanic sands lapped by Atlantic Ocean waters. Even the most popular beaches offer plenty of elbow room on these uncrowded islands, and it’s more than possible for visitors to find a deserted beach to call their own, including on Grenada’s sister islands and uninhabited islets and cays.

Grand Anse Beach Credit: Dwain Thomas

Grand Anse Beach: Located on Grenada’s southwest coast, this 2-mile stretch of white sand has the island’s liveliest beach scene thanks to an abundance of resorts and restaurants along the shore yet retains its natural beauty. Grand Anse Beach has been ranked as the best beach in the world consistently amongst the top publications including Conde Nast Traveler in 2019.

Anse La Roche: Clear shallow waters and an offshore reef make Anse La Roche a great beach for snorkeling, and the half-mile hike required to get there helps keep this Carriacou beach peaceful as well as beautiful.

Levera Beach: Rough waves discourage swimming at this beach in Levera National Park, but it’s worth the drive to the less-traveled north end of Grenada for walks on the deserted shoreline and a chance to see leatherback turtles, which nest here from March to July.

La Sagesse Beach: Palm trees line this out-of-the-way beach, making it a postcard-perfect image of a tropical beach that’s popular with romantic couples and anyone else who wants the solitude of a world-class beach more or less to themselves. Here, the small La Sagesse hotel has a restaurant and beach bar.

Black Bay Beach: The dark volcanic sand contrasting with the surrounding greenery make this beach in St. John a stunner, and its remote location means there’s a good chance that clients will have its beauty all to themselves.

Hog Island: Grenada has several nearby but uninhabited islands that make fun day-sail destinations for “desert island” beach experiences. Hog Island is home to Roger’s Beach Bar that makes it one of the more popular stopovers for boaters. Quiet during the week, it tends to get more visitors on weekends.

Paradise Beach: This top beach on Carriacou offers a wide array of local restaurants and bars. Weekends bring out residents for beach parties, making it one of the liveliest spots on an otherwise very laid-back island.


Sandy Island: If you want to play Robinson Crusoe for a day, check out this uninhabited, palm-shaded island off the coast of Carriacou, which has pink-tinged sandy beaches and natural pools for refreshing dips.